The key to supplying is consistency

The key to supplying is consistency

The key to supplying is consistency

Go Petroleum has developed good relationships with Refineries and Suppliers, so that we are able to create and facilitate sustainable trading with our buyers and end buyers.

Our extensive partner network provides flexible solutions to accommodate the requirements of buyers by efficiently pulling together industry experience and resources to offer full turnkey supply ensuring what is being proposed into actions and results.

In order to purchase petroleum products from Go Petroleum, procedures must be followed:

We trade in the following products:

Crude Oil – sales direct from NNPC, Jet Aviation Fuel (different grades), D2 Diesel Gas Oil (different sulphur levels), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG Gas), and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG Gas).

Our product destinations are, but not limited to Port of Georgia, Rotterdam, Persian Gulf, and Houston ports.

We intend to provide clients with the best products in line with internationally accepted standards at prices that are fair and equitable – distributing oil for sale onto the open market, at the most competitive price and at the best of quality standards.

In the fickle world of commodity, Go Petroleum is committed to excellency and strives to maintain the trust and confidence of our clients and meeting their changing needs.

We look forward to a new venture with you.